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FACT OF THE DAY:  mars is called the red planet because during the cold war it sided with the communists

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transparent dancing bmo for ur blog

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australian adverts are slowly becoming my favourite


This rivalry’s heating up.

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Courtney’s GrumpFest 2014 came to an early close on Friday afternoon when I detoured to a bikeshop on my way home from work to pick up a pair of bib shorts. At the checkout I asked the babe behind the counter which air pump would be the best for someone with little upperbody strength because I was going to try to cycle from Glasgow to Aberdeen on my own over the weekend. Long story short, I wound up with an airpump and a strong pair of arms for the trip. Jordan met me Saturday morning looking pro in matching kit and riding a carbon bike(woa) and we set off on our 220 mile trip. After a few miles we were both relieved to uncover a mutual love of tumblr, lord of the rings, dogs, tattoos, etc, basically we were dead relieved the other wasn’t a creep. The first 7 hours of cycling was loads of fun, lots of taking raincoats on and off, comparing tan lines, and lots of the easiest conversation imaginable for two people who had met less than 24 hours ago. The Juicebox Bicycle Club finally has finally grown to TWO members!

Around 70 miles in, we were going through one of many roundabouts when I looked over my shoulder to signal that I was exiting, when I saw a van coming at me. I was wearing hi-vis but the driver must have been looking only for oncoming traffic when he pulled out. I knew I was going to get hit before it happened. He hit me at a diagonal, and I’m told I went up onto the bonnet, my bike went under, the van stopped immediately, and I went forward. I don’t remember bouncing but my right side is scraped up like it hit the ground, though I was lying on my left when I opened my eyes. Thank fuck, I was alive. Everything hurt, but there was a man named Billy kneeling right by my side asking my name while I tried to get my breathing under control. In moments I was surrounded by people telling me not to move, holding umbrellas to keep me from the simultaneous sun and rain. Billy was holding my hand, Jordan was within sight squatting with an umbrella, and from all the people that I could hear, but not see, I knew I was going to be ok. 

After nearly 8 hours in the hospital, several xrays, tests, and a few selfies later, Jordan and I were allowed to find a hotel nearby for the night. Due to the bank holiday weekend, a local beer festival, and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, every hotel within a 18 mile radius was booked. Jordan gave Billy a phone to see if he had any hotel suggestions and to figure out where our bikes were. Quite possibly a magician, Billy had both our bikes and a guest room.

I seriously couldn’t have found better people to spend this weekend with. The police, the paramedics, Billy and his partner Sam, and Jordan (send him some love, please), EVERYONE has been unbelievable this weekend. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to get out with only whiplash through my back and no breaks or fractures. 

I’ll be back on the bikes as soon as I can. This isn’t going to change anything. Long live the #JuiceboxBicycleClub

This was us!!!!!